This program of Master ATSI aims at giving students a training that allows them to address research topics of a high scientific level in the domains of systems and control, signal and image processing. This curriculum allows students to acquire solid skills in these themes but also to understand interactions with other disciplines, whether theoretical or applied.

In 2019-2020, most of the courses will be given in French. A detailed description of each course can be found here.

Fall (September-December):

Refreshers are offered in September:

  • Mathematical tools for automatic control
  • Representations of signals

From October, students have to choose 4 courses among the following options:

  • Linear dynamical systems
  • Structural properties of dynamical systems
  • Stability of dynamical systems
  • Parameter identification and state observation
  • Recursive optimal filtering
  • Sparse representation of signals
  • Statistical estimation
  • Image processing and design of imaging sytems

Winter (January-March):

From January, students have to choose 4 courses among the following options:

  • Methods and tools for the design of robust controllers for linear systems
  • Structure of linear dynamical systems and control of delayed and distributed parameter systems
  • Discrete nonlinear systems and sampled control with applications in mobile robotics
  • Hybrid systems and automotive applications
  • Nonlinear optimal control and quantum control
  • Stabilisation of dynamical systems
  • Trajectory planning and following – applications in mobile robotics and human motor control
  • Passivity-based control
  • Observers
  • Spatio-temporal signal processing – radar, radiocommunications and other applications in physics
  • Time series and spacial processes
  • Inverse problems in electromagnetism
  • Time-frequency analysis
  • Musical audio signal processing
  • Signal and image processing in biology and medicine
  • Image processing

Spring & Summer (April-August):

From April, students do an intership (minimum duration of 4 months) in an academic or industrial environment.